The scholarship season has begun in China. At the same time, admissions to some universities have also begun. Interestingly, in all the indicators of research, innovation and ranking, China’s University’s growth speed is now faster than that of a lot of North American or European countries. Even if a Chinese university’s ranking is below yours, still it will be far better than the top university in like most south Asian countries.

Since Chinese Professors and Universities could not take a large number of students for the past several years due to the covid lockdown across the country, there are more chances you will get accepted this time. Hopefully, this time border restrictions will be softened. Anyway, visas have now started to be issued to students in China. The scholarship application season has begun in China. At the same time, admissions to some universities have also started.

Chinese government scholarships (CGS) also known as CSC Scholarships are the best and most prestigious scholarships for international students awarded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). So, do the following things this time to get the highest output.

  • Set up your CV in proper format and write a winning SOP and email.
  • The more you put in the effort, the sweeter the result will be.

Below you will find the complete details on how to apply for scholarships in China:

  1. First Stage of Application:
  • You will have to take the acceptance letter from the professor of your department of Chinese universities from September to January.
  • How to take the acceptance letter by email, the email addresses for contacting the professors are provided on the university’s websites.
  • Send your SOP/Cover Letter, CV and study/research plan in an adequately formatted style through the email to your potential supervisor. Try to send it during working hours in China, which is between 9 AM to 5 PM usually.
  • Try to send it during working hours in China, which is between 9 AM to 5 PM usually.
  • Some professors give answers on the same day, some take interviews, and some don’t reply! It depends on his workload and the email you are sending to him/her. If it doesn’t meet his/her expectations, he/she might not respond to your email.
  • Gmail is banned in China. So, always use ‘yahoo‘ or ‘hotmail‘ while you are sending emails to Chinese professors.
  1. Second Phase of Application:
  • Check the admission dates of universities and apply for admission online after getting the acceptance letter/confirmation from the professors.
  • Most university’s admission times are valid between January to March/ April.
  • After getting your application, the university starts your application process, while some universities take interviews.
  • Then results start coming in June and July.
  • First, select the university to which you like to admit and then your CSC stipend will be confirmed once your documents are approved.

An updated List Of Chinese Universities Without Application Fees for the CSC Scholarship 2022

1. Donghua University Shanghai (Application Fee after Selection)

2. China Normal University (CNU )

3. Dalian University of Technology (DUT)

4. North West University (NWU)

5. Nanjing Uni,

6. Southeast Uni (Application fee after selection)

7. Sichuan University (SCU)

8. Wuhan university of technology (WUT)

9. Shandong university, (SDU)

10. NUAA,

11. Tainjin university,

12. Fujian University

13. Southwest University (application fee after selection)


15. Wuhan University (WHU)

16. Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

17. Harbin university of science and technology. (HRBUST)

18. South China University of Technology

19. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. (ZUST)

20. Yanshan University,

21. NANJING Agriculture University

22. HUAZHONG Agriculture University


24. SHANDONG Normal University (SDNU)

25. Renmin University of China,

26. Yangzte University

27. Northwest A & F University. (NWAFU)

28. Shaanxi Normal University. (SNNU)

29. Fujian Normal University (FJNU)

30. Taiyyuan University of Technology ( TYUT)

31. Chonqing Jiaotong University (CQUT)

32. Nanchang University

31. CCNU

33. Shanghai Maritime University

34. Fujian University of Technology ( FJUT)

35. Sichuan Agriculture university

36. Shandong University of Science Technology

37. USTC

38. UCAS

39. Zhengzhou University

40. Lanzhou University

You work hard, and you will surely get the result.

Visit the following websites to get more detailed information about the CGS/CSC Scholarships:

Good luck with your application!

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Doctoral Researcher, Food Security for Equitable Future Research Group,

Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK



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